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Hi, I’m Cecilia. I’m the writer behind The website is all about creating a sustainable work & travel lifestyle, aka a digital nomad lifestyle. I love to encourage people to travel more and make a lifestyle change by giving them valuable tips and inspiration.

I’m mainly available for collaboration and advertising in the travel industry. Over time, I have built trust among the readers who are seeking for the best travel accommodations, destinations, experiences, products, and resources. I’m able to influence them with my advice and recommendations through the honest and engaging articles. I look forward to helping you achieve your marketing goals and reach your target consumers.

Enhanced online exposure for your brand​

Engaging, honest, and high-quality content

Added customers, followers, or readers

Enhanced online exposure for your brand​

Engaging, honest, and high-quality content

Added customers, followers, or readers

Why Work with Me

As a lifestyle & travel blogger, I love to write about my travel experiences, favorite products and brands and share my personal pictures and tips on this website and social media accounts.

Next to that I am a content creator, podcaster, speaker and writer and work as a freelancer. 

Before you continue reading this page, please read my main experience below to know more about me.

  • Majored in Foreign Languages, used to be an English teacher with 3 years of English teaching experience 
  • Motivational interviewing skills to assist in truly listening to clients and recognizing what they want to create customized travel experiences that meet their expectations
  • Experienced in internet marketing, such as affiliate marketing, email marketing and content marketing
  • 5 years of content creation experience, including copywriting and blog writing
  • Experienced with graphic design and related online course launch
  • Been to 25 countries and volunteered in Germany, Croatia and Spain

Brand Partners

What I Can Offer


Cooperation with my website is a great way to promote your product, brand, or service about traveling, language learning and vegetarianism. I can offer honest, engaging and honest write-ups as well as content creation for websites and social media.


I’ve spoken on hosted webinars for various schools and organizations and presented podcast episodes. Here are the topics:

  • Solo Travel 
  • International Volunteering
  • Digital Nomad Tips & Experience
  • Remote Work/Freelancing
  • Others

column writing

I’m passionate about copywriting and blogging. I’m comfortable writing content about traveling and remote work. 
If you’re looking for a witty and creative writer who pays great attention to detail and is familiar with writing copy for blog and social media, I believe I’ll be your good fit.


Besides the above, here are the other services I offer:

  • Customized Travel Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Interview and Q&A collaborations
  • Podcast episodes (host or guest!)
  • Others
    Please email me or contact me to let me know your requests. : )

Some Brands I've Worked with


  • 旅型 Travostyle
  • 迷路 Miilook
  • 客路 KLOOK
  • 行動貓 ACTION CAT
  • 波波黛莉 PopDaily
  • 大師鏈 Master Chain
  • 好旅行 How Travel
  • 采實文化
  • 沐風出版社
  • 時報出版社
  • Gaston Luga
  • CLÉ
  • Marc Mirren

Branded Content





my public speaking experience


  • 2020. 06  中興大學 AIESEC // 在旅途中與自己相遇
  • 2020. 03  台北大學 // 獨自旅行的不歸路(受疫情影響暫時取消)
  • 2020. 02  台中漂鳥青年旅館 // 一個人旅行的不歸路(受疫情影響暫時取消)
  • 2019. 10  台北士林社區大學 // 職場紓壓,用旅行來接近自己
  • 2018. 11  樹林高中
  • 2018. 11  台北流浪 ing 書店 // 走吧!流浪東歐四國:捷克│匈牙利│克羅埃西亞│斯洛維尼亞
  • 2018. 10  線上私人演講 // 出走世界,從心旅行
  • 2018. 03  台北流浪 ing 書店 // 一個人勇闖歐洲 116 天的探索旅程
  • 2020. 03  創咖啡 // 數位遊牧小聚:開啟自由人生 DNA


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